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To succeed in tomorrow's workplace, employees will need fluency in technical tasks such as 3-D fabrication, programming, and electronics. The Institute of Technology-Infused Learning at Texas A&M University is home to an interdisciplinary group of scholars who investigate how to best employ these and other cutting-edge technologies in all levels of teaching and learning.

TITIL scholars work to prepare new generations of thinkers, innovators, and individuals with the skill, will, and know-how to succeed in new economies, significantly impacting issues of economic equity. The institute's researchers hail from an interdisciplinary group of Texas A&M colleges, including the Colleges of Architecture, Education and Human Development, Engineering, and Liberal Arts.

Joined by additional partner institutions and organizations, TITIL scholars address the many research, educational, and practical questions that technology-infused science, technology, engineering, and math teaching and learning entails. The institute provides an integrative framework for university researchers to proceed from a project's theoretical conceptualization to its design, development, and implementation through deployment, testing, study, and evaluation within authentic educational contexts.







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